TE Connectivity - Passives

TE Connectivity's product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of passive components, including surface mount and leaded resistors, trimmers, potentiometers, PTC and NTC surface mount thermistors, as well as a wide range of inductive products covering wirewound, metal film surface mount, ceramic and ferrite bead. TE Connectivity passives products are comprised of industry leading brands including Holsworthy, Citec, NeOhm, CoEv, CGS, and Sigma Inductors.

The Holsworthy range of precision resistors meets the requirement for economically priced components for both industrial and military applications. In SMD and leaded packages, with tolerances down to 0.05% and TCRs as low as 5ppm, the Holsworthy range from TE Connectivity delivers the "Complete Precision Portfolio".

For all trimming solutions, the Citec brand is the ideal design partner where a circuit requires sealed or unsealed trimmers from just 2mm square.

Sigma noise suppression and protection inductor chips from TE Connectivity can help protect circuits in a variety of ways. The range offers solutions for high power, high speed, low frequency noise impedance as well as temperature responsive resistors.

CGS high power and high voltage resistors are rated up to 100W with voltage proof to 50kV and are available in a wide variety of package styles.

The Neohm range of commodity resistors are available with SMD and Leaded devices.