ADLINK Technology NEON-2000-JT2-X Starter Kits

ADLink Technology NEON-2000-JT2-X Starter Kits provide all the necessary accessories to get started with the NEON-2000-JT2-X Smart Camera, saving effort on surveying and validating IP67 peripherals. The ADLink NEON-2000-JT2-X Starter Kit includes M12 IP67 cables, a USB Type-C hub/adapter, lens, lens protector, and I/O extension board for connecting external devices. These features make the NEON-2000- JT2-X suitable for quick PoC.


  • IP67-rated chassis and connectors, integration of NVIDIA Jetson TX2, image sensor and vision software suites, ready to deploy
  • All-in-one design minimizes cabling, footprint, and maintenance
  • FPGA-based DI/O for accurate, real-time triggering
  • Validated and comprehensive accessories, saves effort on surveying and debugging
  • Pre-installed software and sample code, easy to get started

Kit Contents

  • NEON-2000-JT2-X AI smart camera
  • M12 IP67 cables
  • USB Type-C hub/adapter
  • Lens
  • Lens protector
  • I/O Extension board


ADLINK Technology NEON-2000-JT2-X Starter Kits
Publicado: 2021-06-01 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11