Advantech Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Control Solutions

Advantech Data Acquisition (DAQ) & Contol Solutions offer a wide range of I/O devices with various interfaces and functions based on PC technology. These include legacy Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) to modern USB and signal-conditioning to graphical software tools. The DAQ and control solutions come with a broad selection of form factors for all DAQ requirements. These solutions incorporate USB DAQ modules, DAQ cards, COM solutions, and DAQ gateways and computers. The DAQ and control solutions are reliable, accurate, affordable, and suitable for many industrial automation applications such as Test and Measurement (T&M). These solutions are also suitable for laboratory applications such as machine automation and production testing, monitoring, and control.

USB DAQ Modules

The USB DAQ modules are user-friendly and replace the traditional serial and parallel devices. These USB modules eliminate the need for external power and allow hot-swapping.

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DAQ Cards

The DAQ cards are dedicated products for USB, PCI, PCI Express, ISA, CompactPCI, and PC/104 or PCI-104 interfaces. These DAQ cards are available in two variants such as the PCIE-17xx and PCIE-18xx.

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COM Solutions

The COM solutions include the USB-463-AE 4-port SuperSpeed isolated USB 3.0 hub that offers 2500VDC voltage isolation for the upstream port. This USB-4630 hub features LED indicators for power-on and speed indication of each downstream port. The USB-4630 hub is suitable for DIN-rail mounting.

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DAQ Gateways and Computers

The DAQ gateways and computers include the MIC-18xx series of embedded computers with integrated data acquisition modules and signal conditioning. These embedded computers provide digital I/O, analog I/O, and counter functions. The ADAM-5000 series incorporates centralized I/O systems that conform to the EIA RS-485 communication standard. The ADAM-6000 series offers Ethernet I/O modules that are empowered by Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Graphic Condition Logic (GCL) technologies.

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  • Wide range of I/O devices with various interfaces and functions
  • Legacy ISA to modern USB tools
  • Signal-conditioning to graphical software tools
  • Broad selection of form factors for all DAQ requirements

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