Alorium Technology Snō & SnōMākr FPGA Development Kit

Alorium Technology Snō and SnōMākr FPGA Development Kit includes Snō mounted on SnōMākr and a USB cable for fast and easy connection. The Snō and SnōMākr Kit provides the speed with a performance of FPGA-powered acceleration and offloads in a compact, embeddable footprint. The Kit offers pre-installed Xcelerator Blocks (XBs) that target application-specific behavior such as floating-point math, motion control, and sensor data acquisition. The Snō and SnōMākr FPGA Development Kit is programmable using the free and flexible Arduino IDE rapidly developing the designers' solution. Alorium Technology Snō and SnōMākr Kit includes an embedded 8-bit microcontroller with selectable 16MHz/32MHz, and 32 Dedicated Digital Pins.


  • Embedded 8-bit Microcontroller
    • AVR compatible
    • Selectable 16MHz/32MHz
  • Integrated Hardware Acceleration
    • Pre-installed Xcelerator blocks
    • Customizable FPGA fabric
  • 32 dedicated digital pins
  • 6 shared digital with analog pins
  • 32KB program FLASH
  • 2KB data memory SRAM
  • ADC Performance
    • 1MHz speed
    • 12-bit sustained resolution
    • 254k samples/second sample rate

Kit Contents

  • Snō mounted on SnōMākr
  • USB cable
Publicado: 2019-01-08 | Actualizado: 2023-04-18