Ametherm CL20 Ceramic PTC Thermistors

Ametherm CL20 Ceramic PTC Thermistors deliver voltage ratings up to 750V and maximum energy ratings to 700J. This Ametherm PTC thermistor series offers four resistance values from 7.0 to 100Ω at +25°C to accommodate a variety of pre-charge times. These resistance values of the CL20 remain unchanged over the typical operating temperature range of -40°C to +110°C. CL20 thermistors provide high reliability and stability in high-voltage applications and can withstand hundreds of hits of maximum inrush current without degrading.


  • Up to 750V voltage rating
  • Up to 700J energy rating
  • 7.0Ω to 100Ω at +25°C resistance values
  • -40°C to +110°C operating temperature range


  • Pre-charge circuits
  • Degaussing circuits
  • Heater applications


Chart - Ametherm CL20 Ceramic PTC Thermistors
Publicado: 2017-05-03 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11