ams OSRAM AS5600-SOEKST Evaluation Kit

ams OSRAM AS5600-SOEKST Evaluation Kit enables an easy and feast demonstration of the AS5600 Rotary Magnetic Position Sensor. The AS5600 is an easy-to-program magnetic sensor with a high-resolution 12-bit analog or PWM output. The AS5600 Sensor measures the absolute angle of a diametrically magnetized on-axis magnet using a contactless system. The AS5600's robust design eliminates the influence of any homogenous external stray magnetic fields developed specifically for contactless potentiometer applications. These AS5600's industry-standard I2C interface supports simple user programming of non-volatile parameters without requiring a dedicated programmer. The AS5600 Sensor offers a default output range of 0° to 360°.

The ams OSRAM AS5600-SOEKST Evaluation Kit contains an AS5600 Adapter Board, the USB I&P Box to configure the device, and a rotary magnet holder including a knob with the magnet. The AS5600-SOEKST small adapter board is fully assembled with the AS5600 position sensor and its necessary external components. This AS5600 adapter board is ideal for the rapid setup of a contactless potentiometer.


  • Allows an easy and fast evaluation
  • Fully assembled with AS5600 position sensor
  • Signals available on dual-row 2.54mm 4-pin header footprint
  • USB I&P box is an easy-to-use

Kit Contents

  • USB I&P box
  • Adapter board including reference magnet (AS5600-SO_EK_AB)
  • Rotary magnet holder with knob (RMH05-DK-XX-1.0)

Hardware Setup

ams OSRAM AS5600-SOEKST Evaluation Kit
Publicado: 2017-10-31 | Actualizado: 2022-04-26