ams OSRAM AS726x Multi-Spectral Sensing Engines

ams OSRAM AS726x Multi-Spectral Sensing Engines provide a wide array of solutions, including an XYZ sensor, NIR sensor, and a visible light sensor made entirely of interferometric filters. The Spectral_ID family introduces a completely new solution set that launches the chip-scale spectral sensing market space. The initial family delivers 6-channel spectral sensing devices with factory-calibrated interference filter technology that is extremely stable over time and temperature. These Filter sets include visible and near-IR that also includes electronic shutter capabilities with smart interface/command set for quick system integration.

Chip-scale spectral sensing solutions from ams enable designers to implement a broad range of applications in consumer, industrial, and health-related devices. These applications include color picking/matching, authentication, and color and spectral analysis of materials and fluids. High-level integration with advanced CMOS filter technology allows lifetime calibration accuracy and enables instrument makers to bring laboratory-grade precision to the field.

Publicado: 2018-09-18 | Actualizado: 2022-09-08