ams OSRAM EGA2000 Starboard

ams OSRAM EGA2000 Starboard is a PCB adaptor with a module soldered on it. It is used to connect any EGA2000 module to an external power/control unit. The Starboard diameter is 16mm with a thickness of 1.6mm. It has a pad for a pogo pin or soldered leads.


  • Starboard diameter = 16mm
  • Starboard thickness= 1.6mm
  • Pad for pogo pin or soldered leads
  • VCSEL Cathode and -ve pads on the exposed base
  • VCSEL Anode and +ve pads on top


ams OSRAM EGA2000 Starboard


Publicado: 2021-05-19 | Actualizado: 2023-04-24