Analog Devices Inc. AD8213 Precision Current Sense Amplifiers

Analog Devices AD8213 Precision Current Sense Amplifiers provide a 20 V/V set to gain with a maximum ±0.5% gain error over the entire temperature range. AD821’s buffered output voltage interfaces directly with any standard converter. The devices’ excellent −2V to +65V common-mode rejection is independent of the 5V supply. The AD8213 amplifiers perform unidirectional current measurements across a shunt resistor in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. These applications include motor control, solenoid control, and battery management.


  • ±4000V HBM ESD
  • High common-mode voltage range
    • −2V to +65V operating
    • −3V to +68V survival
  • Buffered output voltage
  • Wide operating temperature range
    • −40°C to +125°C for Y grade
    • −40°C to +150°C for H grade
  • Excellent AC and DC performance
    • 3μV/°C typical offset drift
    • −10ppm/°C typical gain drift
    • 120dB typical CMRR at DC


  • High-side current sensing
    • Motor controls
    • Transmission controls
    • Diesel injection controls
    • Engine management
    • Suspension controls
    • Vehicle dynamic controls
    • DC-to-DC converters

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. AD8213 Precision Current Sense Amplifiers
Publicado: 2016-10-26 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11