Analog Devices Inc. ADE9153A Energy Metering ICs with Autocalibration

Analog Devices ADE9153A Energy Metering ICs are highly accurate, single-phase energy metering ICs with mSure® autocalibration. The mSure autocalibration feature allows a meter to automatically calibrate current and voltage channels without other calibrated sources or reference meters when a shunt resistor is used as a current sensor. ADE9153A's mSure autocalibration supports Class 1 and Class 2 meters.

Developed using three high-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), the ADE9153A ICs offer an 88dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and an advanced metrology feature set of measurements. These measurements include line voltage and current, active energy, fundamental reactive energy, and apparent energy calculations, and current and voltage rms calculations. ADE9153A provides power quality measurements such as zero crossing detection, line period calculation, angle measurement, dip and swell, peak and overcurrent detection, and power factor measurements.

Each of ADE9153A's input channels supports flexible and independent gain stages. The Current Channel A is ideal for shunts, having a flexible gain stage and providing full-scale input ranges from 62.5mV peak down to 26.04mV peak. The Current Channel B has gain stages of 1×, 2×, and 4× for use with current transformers (CTs). A high-speed 10MHz serial peripheral interface (SPI) port allows access to the ADE9153A registers.


  • mSure autocalibration
    • Automatic calibration based on a direct measurement of the full signal path
    • Calibration procedure not requiring a reference meter
    • mSure autocalibration Class 1 meter guaranteed
  • Three high-performance ADCs
    • 88dB SNR
    • ±26.04mV peak, 18.4mVrms input at highest gain setting high-gain current channel
  • Advanced metrology feature set
    • WATT, VAR, VA, Wh, VARh, and VAh
    • Supports active energy standards: IEC 62053-21; IEC 62053-22; EN50470-3; OIML R46; and ANSI C12.20
    • Supports reactive energy standards: IEC 62053-23 and IEC 62053-24
    • Current and voltage rms measurement
    • Power quality measurements
    • Operating temperature, industrial range: −40°C to +85°C


  • Single-phase energy meters
  • Energy and power measurement
  • Street lighting
  • Smart-power distribution system
  • Machine health

MSure Benefits

Performance Graph - Analog Devices Inc. ADE9153A Energy Metering ICs with Autocalibration


Typical Applications Circuit

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADE9153A Energy Metering ICs with Autocalibration
Publicado: 2018-06-05 | Actualizado: 2023-02-08