Analog Devices Inc. Interface & Isolation Products

Analog Devices Inc. Interface and Isolation Products include digital isolators, transceivers, and isolated ADCs. ADI has been pioneering advances in digital isolation technology for over 20 years. Deep domain and system-level design expertise is paired with ADI’s innovative iCoupler digital isolation ICs and µModule BGA digital isolation portfolio for superior solutions.

Certified iCoupler digital isolators protect people, assets, and data from high voltages and hazardous environments. For trusted safety and data integrity, partner with Analog Devices’ best-in-class patented digital isolation technology solutions.




  • Integrated solutions combine power+data reduce design complexity and speed up time to revenue
  • Gigabit speed digital isolators with high noise immunity protect high-bandwidth links when data and resolution are critical
  • Data integrity ensures the data remains complete - intact and on time in the harshest operating environments
  • Fully-certified components and solutions offer trusted safety including automotive grade, enhanced performance (EP) and space qualified
  • ADI is the leading innovator for digital isolation, providing best-in-class quality and comprehensive engineering resources
  • Superior radiated immunity performance keeps data transmissions intact in the toughest environments, especially where high energy RF interference is unavoidable
  • Reinforced isolation is available for protected digital health solutions when safety is a must



Discover galvanically isolated communication products supporting protocols ranging from field bus RS485, CAN, and gigabit LVDS to peripheral I2C, USB, SPI, and RS232.


Use ADI’s isoPower® chip-scale transformer technology for PCB optimized designs and isolated amplifiers for upgrades in speed and transient response in a single chip. Find isolated gate drivers to support power switch technologies such as SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride) or achieve reliable control over switching characteristics for IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and MOSFET (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) configurations.


Utilize these iCoupler® and isoPower® technologies to implement robust solutions with the flexibility of up to 6 channels, intrinsically safe and automotive certified digital isolators.


Find design solutions for interface communications from RS485 to CAN and LVDS.  Simplify communication to smart sensors with IO-Link and support hot-swap with serial bus extenders and I2C bus buffers.

Publicado: 2019-12-09 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11