Andes Technology AndeShape™ AICE-MICRO JTAG Debugger

Andes Technology AndeShape™ AICE-MICRO JTAG Debugger is designed to works with the AndeSight™ Development Suite and AndesCore™ V5 Processors.​ The AICE-MICRO is based on the FTDI FT2232H Dual High-Speed USB to UART/FIFO IC and is supported by OpenOCD, a free, open-source software tool for on-chip debugging, in-system programming, and boundary-scan testing.

The Andes Technology AICE-MICRO JTAG Debugger is powered via the USB connection and requires no additional power supply.


  • Supports Andes JTAG debug port
  • Supports multiple JTAG devices through Andes JTAG debug port interface
  • Supports the debug-on-reset feature
  • USB-powered 
  • Supports Vref pin for auto I/O voltage detection and regulation from 1.8V to 3.3V
  • Supports 10-pin and 20-pin Andes JTAG connectors and connects to the debug host through a micro USB cable
  • 10MHz maximum debug interface frequency 
  • RoHS compliant
  • Development tools and platforms
    • AndeSight v3.1.2 or later
    • AndeShape Development Platforms

Kit Contents

  • AICE-MICRO JTAG Debugger
  • 10-pin to 20-pin JTAG adapter
  • 10-pin JTAG cable
Publicado: 2021-02-23 | Actualizado: 2022-10-31