Aptiv Micro64 Connectors

Aptiv (formerly Delphi) Micro64 Connectors feature compact electrical connections for low-energy, high-density applications. These connectors provide superior sealing performance, high current capacity, and a robust mating pin design. The product family includes a labor-saving, nonorienting, tangless female terminal. The tangless female terminal is designed to mate with either round or square pins, allowing versatility in application and overall lower installed assembly and inventory costs. Aptiv Micro64 Connectors are USCAR compliant and ideal for automotive and commercial vehicles, engine management systems, powertrain control systems, ABS braking systems, and airbag systems.


  • Mates to both round and square pins for versatility and lower installation costs
  • Mates to three lead sizes for easy integration into applications
  • USCAR compliant 
  • Intermateable and interchangeable
  • Industry-standard design and specifications
  • Standard tin-plated interfaces 
  • Non-orienting round female terminals provide time savings in the wire-plugging stage
  • Sealing performance
    • Molded silicone rubber cable and connector seal
    • Ribbed self-lubricating design
    • Validated to USCAR underhood specifications
    • Eliminates potential interface contamination
    • Improved reworkability and repairability
  • Mating pin design
    • Shorter pin length mates to 5.5mm and 7.5mm pins
    • Pins designed to USCAR compliance standards


  • Automotive and commercial vehicles
  • Engine management systems
  • Powertrain control systems
  • ABS braking systems
  • Airbag systems
Publicado: 2013-06-28 | Actualizado: 2020-12-18