Basler ace Cameras

Basler ace Cameras offer ultra-fast speed, cost-effectiveness, and superior image quality in a very small housing. With the variety of sensors and interfaces, combined with the extensive features offered, the ace-cameras are available in ace classic, ace U, and ace L variants. 

The ace classic cameras are cost-effective and reliable with a standard feature set for a wide range of applications. This ace classic includes camera models with CMOS sensors from ams, e2V, and onsemi (MT line) and CCD sensors from Sony. The ace classic cameras offer USB3.0, GigE, Camera Link interfaces, and cover resolution from VGA to 14MP.

The ace U cameras represent the next evolution of the ace in the areas of sensor technology and firmware features. This ace U includes 751fps speed and CMOS sensors of the Sony Pregius and Sony STARVIS lines as well as PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor.

The ace L cameras represent the same ace U cameras' evolutionary steps in firmware features. This ace L is capable of carrying high-resolution 9 and 12MP Sony Pregius CMOS sensors with optical formats above 1".


  • ace Classic Cameras
    • CMOS and CCD sensors including NIR-enhanced versions with an extensive variety of pixel sizes
    • USB3.0, GigE, and Camera Link interfaces
    • Standard feature set
  • ace U Cameras
    • State-of-the-art sensors of the Sony Pregius and STARVIS lines
    • ON Semiconductor's PYTHON series
    • 751fps speed
    • USB3 Vision and GigE Vision 2.0 interfaces
    • Advanced feature set
  • ace L Cameras
    • 1.1" sensors
    • Good image quality
    • 40fps speed
    • USB3 Vision and GigE Vision 2.0 interfaces
    • Advanced feature set

Typical Set-up of a Camera System

Basler ace Cameras


Mechanical Drawing - Basler ace Cameras


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