Broadcom OneWhite Surface-Mount PLCC-2 LED Indicators

Broadcom OneWhite Surface-Mount PLCC-2 LED Indicators allow designers to incorporate greater functionality while achieving superior performance in terms of light output and color uniformity. These LED indicators offer high reliability performance and are designed to work under a wide range of environmental conditions. This high reliability feature makes them ideally suited to be used in interior signage applications. 

The LEDs also feature a wide viewing angle of 120°, making them well-suited for panel, push button, office equipment, industrial equipment, and home appliances. They are packaged in the industry-standard SMT PLCC-2 package, and the flat-top emitting surface makes it easy for these LEDs to mate with light pipes. With the built-in reflector pushing up the intensity of the light output, these LEDs are also suitable to be used as LED pixels in interior electronic signs.


  • High reliability package with silicone encapsulation
  • High optical efficiency with 100lm/W
  • ANSI color bin structure
  • Wide viewing angle of 120°
  • Compatible with reflow soldering process
  • JEDEC MSL 3 product
  • ESD threshold of 1000V (HBM model) per Jedec


  • Panel lighting
  • Downlights
  • Shop lighting
  • Wide-surface lighting applications
  • Backlighting
  • Non-automotive use
  • General signage backlighting
  • Amusement machine backlighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • LED light strips


  • InGaN LED material
  • 2330mcd Luminous intensity
  • 20mA Forward current
  • 3.6V Forward voltage
  • 108mW Power rating
  • 5V Reverse voltage
  • 3.2x2.8x1.9mm LED size (L x W x H)
  • PLCC-2 Package

Package Dimensions (mm)

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom OneWhite Surface-Mount PLCC-2 LED Indicators
Publicado: 2013-04-19 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11