Broadcom Versatile Link Evaluation Kits

Broadcom Versatile Link Evaluation Kits are used to demonstrate and evaluate the Versatile Link DC-50MBd Transmitters and Receivers. These basic Evaluation Boards incorporate passive components and SMA connectors for the TX input (TXD) and RX output (RXD) port connection. The Evaluation Boards allow the user to connect waveform/pattern generators to the TXD with TTL input signal. The receiver's output signal can be monitored from RXD or RXout with an oscilloscope using a 50Ohm input setting. The logic of AFBR-1624Z/AFBR-2624Z (output high when input high) and AFBR-1629Z/AFBR-2529Z (output low when input high) is inverted.

Kit Contents

  • Evaluation Board 
  • Sample Transmitter and Receiver with Datasheets
  • 1m Simplex POF Fiber
  • Connectors
  • User Guide
Publicado: 2015-04-17 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11