KYOCERA AVX 800R NPO Ceramic Ultra-Low ESR RF/Microwave MLCs

KYOCERA AVX 800R NPO Ceramic Ultra-Low ESR RF/Microwave Multilayer Capacitors offer high performance for demanding high RF power applications that require a consistent and reliable operation. A combination of optimized case geometry, highly conductive electrode formulations, and proprietary dielectrics, yield a low ESR and superior heat transfer. These KYOCERA AVX NPO low-loss rugged dielectric capacitors are ideal for use in UHF through microwave frequency ranges.


  • Case R size, 1.78mm x 2.29mm x 2.92mm (0.070" x 0.090" x0.115") (LxWxT)
  • Rugged, reliable NPO dielectric
  • Optimized for high self-resonant frequencies
  • 1pF to 100pF capacitance range
  • Horizontal or vertical electrode orientations
  • Capable of high RF power
  • Optimized for low ESR and superior heat transfer
  • Lead free and RoHS compliant


  • Homeland security/public safety radio (APCO-25)
  • Satellite systems
  • Microwave communications
  • Digital HD FM transmitters
  • Avionics
  • Digital HDTV transmitters
  • Medical electronics
  • Circuit
    • High RF power filter networks
    • Matching networks
    • Output coupling
    • DC blocking
    • Combiners
    • Couplers
    • Antenna coupling
    • Bypassing


  • >2000Q quality factor at 1MHz
  • 0±30PPM/°C temperature coefficient of capacitance in the -55°C to +125°C range
  • Insulation resistance at the rated WVDC
    • 105MΩ minimum at +25°C
    • 104MΩ minimum at +125°C
  • 500WVDC working voltage
  • ±(0.02% or 0.02pF) capacitance drift, whichever is greater
  • ±0.1pF, ±0.25pF, ±0.5pF, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%, and ±20% capacitance tolerance options
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • 2000-hour life at +125°C with 200% of the WVDC applied
Publicado: 2021-09-15 | Actualizado: 2023-08-10