KYOCERA AVX STRIPT™ 10-9296 Jumpers & 2.5mm Poke-Home Contact

KYOCERA AVX STRIPT™ 10-9296 Jumpers provide additional mating tolerance absorption over traditional connector systems in linear or coplanar applications. The jumpers mate with the 709296001025016 horizontal PCB contact, which does not use a wire stop. This pairing allows the pin header to pass straight through the contacts until the final seating / mating dimension is achieved. This unique design allows for internal pin clearance so boards and modules can be plugged together without worrying about potentially critical tolerance stack-up issues. Other features include fatigue-resistant beams, integral centering guides, and a closed box design. KYOCERA AVX STRIPT™ 10-9296 Jumpers are ideal for single- and dual-pin connections between linear PCBs.


  • Absorption of PCB and module mating tolerances by allowing the unrestricted pin to pass through the contact by eliminating the traditional wire stop
  • Two pin lengths to accommodate board-to-board and module-to-module connections
  • Offers water tightness when matched with a corresponding housing cavity


  • Mates with 709296001025016 horizontal PCB contact
  • Single- and dual-pin connections between linear PCBs
  • 38mm pin allows for modules to be connected where the PCB is recessed within the plastic housing

Dimensional Drawings

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Publicado: 2018-04-30 | Actualizado: 2022-12-23