Microchip Technology ATWINC1500-XSTK Xplained Pro Starter Kit

Microchip Technology ATWINC1500-XSTK Xplained Pro Starter Kit is a hardware platform for evaluating the Microchip ATWINC1500 low cost, low power 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi® Network Controller Module. Supported by the Microchip Studio integrated development platform, the ATWINC1500-XSTK Xplained Pro Starter Kit provides easy access to the features of the ATWINC1500 and demonstrates how to integrate the device into a custom design. The Xplained Pro Starter Kit includes an onboard Embedded Debugger, and no external tools are necessary to program or debug the SAMD21 host MCU that drives the ATWINC1500. The Xplained Pro Extension Kits offer additional peripherals to extend the features of the board and ease the development of custom designs.


  • ATWINC1500 Module mounted on ATWINC1500 Xplained Pro Extension
  • ATSAMD21-XPRO host MCU board for driving the ATWINC1500 Xplained Pro Extension
  • Digital I/O WING extension board for sensor and SD-card input to host MCU
  • Embedded debugger (EDBG) for programming SAMD21 host MCU
  • Virtual COM-port interface to host MCU via UART
  • Wired firmware updates for ATWINC1500 module via virtual COM-port interface
  • Microchip Data Gateway Interface (DGI) to host MCU via SPI and TWI
  • ATECC108 CryptoAuthentication device connected to host MCU
  • Two extension headers
  • Three possible power sources
  • External power
  • Target USB
  • 32KHz crystal
  • 16MHz crystal

Kit Contents

  • 1x WINC1500
  • MRx XPRO Wing
  • 1x SAMD21 Xplained PRO
  • 1x I/O1 Extension Wing
  • Microchip Studio Support
  • 35 Project Examples
  • Onboard JTAG
Publicado: 2017-12-21 | Actualizado: 2022-04-05